7 Ways to Throw a Spectacular Country-Themed Wedding

7 Ways to Throw a Spectacular Country-Themed Wedding

You have been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl, and now that you’re engaged to the perfect man, where do you even begin? Planning a wedding can be overwhelming in even the best of circumstances. Since there are so many small details to coordinate and endless options available for each one, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, once you have reserved the perfect rustic wedding venue, a lot of the work is done for you when planning a fabulous country-themed wedding in Southern California. Keep reading to learn about several more ways that you can customize your nuptials to make them fun and memorable for both you and your guests.

Customize Your Invites

Before your wedding date even arrives, you can kick off your country theme by selecting the perfect save-the-date cards and invitations. Unique shiplap detailing; sepia tones; and natural elements, like greenery, will all signal to your guests the type of wedding that they’ll be attending. Finish off each invite with a burlap ribbon tied in a beautiful bow. This is a great way to set the tone before the party even begins.

Pick Your Palette

The colors you choose are an important way to help define the theme of your wedding. It is especially crucial that at a rustic wedding venue, you select colors that will not clash with your surroundings. Country weddings usually incorporate a calm color palette that reflects rustic elements and nature. Soft greens, neutral beiges and other sophisticated pastels will fit right in with the venue you’ve chosen, and you should plan your bridesmaid dresses and other décor accordingly as well. Pin down your palette early before you start making too many choices, and it will help you narrow down your selections to fit the aesthetic you desire.

Add Small Details to the Dresses

Shopping for a wedding dress is a momentous occasion for most brides, and it can really help set the tone for the event. If you love the country look, there are a few easy ways that you can incorporate this style into your wedding day style. Consider pairing your dress with a pair of cute cowboy boots underneath. Most people won’t even see them unless you want to show them off, and you can even keep them bridal-looking by wearing a white pair with beading or sequins that match your dress. Top off your look with a custom jean jacket with your new married name on the back.

Make sure that your bridesmaids get in on the fun too! Even if you eschew boots for the wedding in lieu of a traditional pair of high heels, you can kick up some dust in them at the reception or pop them on for a few fun photos.

Go Rustic With Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Going rustic doesn’t mean that you can’t use your favorite glam flower in your bouquet. You can definitely incorporate a few unique pieces to highlight the beauty of this floral creation. Natural feathers, dried floral accents and lots of greenery are fabulous ways to give your bouquets a romantic country look. These same elements can then be used in the boutonnieres for your fiancé and his groomsmen to help really tie things together. Finish off the look by wrapping the stem of your bouquet with a trendy piece of burlap to really emphasize your theme.

Consider a Custom Cake Creation

Rustic cakes have been all the rage lately, and it’s the perfect addition to your country-themed wedding. “Naked” cakes with minimal icing fit perfectly within the country theme and look fabulous on the cake table and in photos — plus, no nasty fondant! It’s also easy to customize with beautiful greenery that mimics your bouquet, and you can finish it off with a fun cake topper that reflects your personality. It could be a cute pair of miniature boots, a personalized wooden sign or a crown of flowers that lends a sophisticated style. You want your cake to look as good as it tastes, and there are many options you can add to customize it to your exact specifications.

Use Natural Elements

Décor and centerpiece choices can be so hard to choose because the possibilities are endless. One easy way to begin is to incorporate the botanicals and greenery that you see all around you in Southern California. Use those native plants to fill beautiful vases, and thread in the flowers and other elements you’ve selected for your bouquets. Place these vases on natural wood pedestals or in wooden boxes for a way to bring a little bit of country to each table. A fun and cheeky way to put a custom spin on these centerpieces is to carve the initials of you and your fiancé into each slice of wood to give it that perfectly personal touch.

Curate the Perfect Playlist

Get the party started and your guests out on the dance floor with a playlist that incorporates all of your favorite country tunes. Set the tone by selecting a romantic song for your first dance, and then encourage your guests to boogie all night long with some upbeat country favorites. Classics from singers like Garth Brooks and George Strait will always be a hit, but newer singers like Luke Bryan and Maren Morris are sure to be crowd-pleasers as well.


Planning a country wedding in Southern California doesn’t have to be stressful. Although there are so many details to consider, once you’ve settled on your country theme, many of the choices almost start to make themselves! By keeping that big picture in mind and incorporating small, thoughtful details, you will be sure to craft a wedding that is special and memorable. Your guests are there to celebrate your love and your relationship and will appreciate all of the work you’ve done to ensure that they have a fantastic time.