5 Unique Ideas for Your Southern California Wedding

5 Unique Ideas for Your Southern California Wedding

Planning a wedding in Southern California

If you’re planning a wedding in Southern California, rest assured that you have many options for your theme and decor. It doesn’t matter if you envision a high-end wedding or prefer to put the ceremony and arrangements together yourself—there are plenty of creative, affordable, and dazzling options for every budget. If you are exploring wedding venues in Los Angeles, then you need a theme that perfectly complements what you envision for your special day. Here are five unique ideas for your Southern California wedding.

1. Woodsy Winter Wedding

Summer might be the most popular season for weddings, but a wintertime (or at least winter-themed) wedding is equally magnificent. For a woodsy winter wedding, you’ll want to pay attention to color and decorations. Birch and pine are two classic, natural items associated with wintertime weddings—symbolizing peace, serenity, and life.

Adding darker hues like purple eggplant, forest green, and red sets a royal, elegant, and romantic scene. Soft candlelight adds to the romantic scene. Hearty foods like soup, roasted root vegetables, hot chocolate and cider, and warm chocolate lava cakes are standout choices for winter wedding cuisine.

2. Romantic Wedding

Weddings, by nature, are one of the most romantic occasions in the world. For a romantic setting, consider staging the wedding in a beautiful garden. A romantic vineyard or oceanfront, outdoor wedding venue with spectacular natural views is equally enchanting. No matter the setting you choose, be sure to incorporate many flowers and floral displays into your special day. Flowers, particularly roses, are the ultimate symbol of romance.

Try setting the tables with a colorful floral display and installing hanging floral installations throughout the venue. For the wedding cake, add a topping of seasonal, freshly-picked flowers for a complementary touch. Handwritten invitations and thank-you notes are also thoughtful components for a romantic wedding.

3. Garden Wedding

Given the warm climate and lush foliage, it’s only natural that you might choose a garden wedding theme in Southern California. Fortunately, there are many beautiful gardens available for wedding ceremonies and receptions. You can also create a more informal and less expensive garden wedding of your own! Regardless of whether you’re planning a wedding at an established venue or making use of your flower-filled backyard, there are options for making the ceremony and setting more romantic.

For starters, adding soft romantic lighting to the trees (such as twinkle lights) sets a romantic mood for the evening. Flowers, naturally, are a highlight of a garden wedding. Decorating a wedding cake with petals adds an element of enchantment. You can continue the floral theme by decorating paper notes (including invitations and thank-you notes) with a floral theme. If you can match the flowers on the stationary with the flowers in season at your chosen venue, even better! As for food, consider seasonal fruits and vegetables for appetizers and the main course.

4. Rustic Wedding

With its dramatic natural landscapes, Southern California is a perfect place for a rustic wedding. If you’re thinking of a rustic theme for your wedding, you’ve got to have a country-like setting. Many people choose farms for their rustic wedding setting. However, an equestrian ranch is another excellent option for a more unique and equally memorable evening. As for decorations, darker, earthy tones are your best bet. That means brown, white, and green should be the dominant colors for your rustic wedding.

If you want to add a touch of color, you can always add seasonal flowers to the décor, too. Of course, a rustic wedding isn’t complete without a farm-to-table food pairing. Focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients for the appetizers and dessert is only fitting. Try substituting a traditional wedding cake with a pie made from seasonal fruits for a more authentic touch. Your menu might include chicken fajitas with a tangy avocado salsa, tartlets with onions, feta, and sun-dried tomatoes, and prawns served with a chili-lime sauce.

5. Eclectic DIY Wedding

Whether you’re looking to save money or you just want to break from tradition, there are many exciting possibilities available for an eclectic DIY wedding. The advantage of having a DIY wedding is that you are entirely in charge of the setting, food, and decorations! Additionally, creating a DIY wedding can cut down on the cost of a ceremony, too.

If you’re thinking of holding a ceremony outdoors, consider turning your backyard into a photo journey of you and your loved one’s time together. Hang pictures of your favorite times together from nearby trees, and leave room for adding new ones taken at the ceremony, too. Hanging chandeliers from trees and creating your seating area with outdoor furniture adds a personal touch, too. Consider a potluck-style arrangement for food and drinks, encouraging guests to bring their favorite meals.

When you’re planning a wedding, choosing a theme, setting, and location that’s just right is essential. Keeping the season, your budget, and your aesthetic preferences in mind, there are many great ways to ensure a special, memorable day. From a garden wedding to a timeless romantic wedding, there are plenty of ways to tie the knot in Southern California.

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