4 Gorgeous Theme Ideas That Will Make Your Outdoor Wedding AMAZING

4 Gorgeous Theme Ideas That Will Make Your Outdoor Wedding AMAZING

Choosing the perfect theme will help everything else fall into place when you are wedding planning. The focus a theme provides is invaluable in selecting the right venue, your wedding colors, your decorations, your food, and even your wedding cake. While there are many different wedding theme possibilities to consider, if you want to hold your wedding at Middle Ranch, consider one of these gorgeous themes.

Regency Elegance

Drawing inspiration from Jane Austen’s novels, you will feel like you have stepped back in time when you choose to have a Regency Elegance wedding. During this era, which lasted from about 1800 until 1820, typical couples took only three weeks to plan their weddings, but you may want to give yourself more time. Pure white wedding dresses were not commonplace with weddings yet. Instead, upper-class brides wore pale hues such as gold and silver gowns while brides from working-class families usually wore their favorite Sunday dress. Instead of having your best friends as your bridesmaids and groomsmen, most bridesmaids and groomsmen were children from the two families, and they usually wore white.

If you are planning your Regency Elegance wedding, then you will want to incorporate lots of flowers. You may want to start by sending your wedding invitations out on botanically inspired letterpress stationery or tea-stained, antique stationery. The bride may consider wearing a headband of beautiful flowers instead of a veil and a bouquet designed with wispy greens and airy flowers.

When it comes to setting the table for a Regency Elegance wedding, traditional blue-and-white china is a great choice. You may also want to incorporate antique or reproduction antique tablecloths. Using linen cloth napkins made of linen is a great touch. When it comes time for the seating chart, create a classical look by folding stationery in a book style and use raffia or burlap ribbon for ties.

When choosing your wedding venue, consider one that has a natural vibe. Then, think about using some furniture from the Regency era as unique accent pieces around the location.

Romantic Garden

Many couples looking to get married at outdoor wedding venues consider romantic garden weddings the perfect theme. This is a theme that can showcase your personality as a couple since it offers ample scope for variations suited to the two of you. Because of the outdoor beauty and temperate weather of Los Angeles, elaborate decorations are not a must. However, flowers need to play an essential role in your romantic garden wedding. You will want to set the theme starting with your invitations. Seed paper is a great choice, or you may wish to collect and press tiny wildflowers to attach to your wedding invitations. Be sure to collect extra wildflowers as you can use them when creating your seating chart or to decorate the name cards placed on the reception tables.

While an outside wedding venue is perfect for a romantic garden wedding, filling your wedding and reception spaces with an abundance of flowers will tie the theme together. An excellent way to bring more flowers into the mix is to plant them in charming pots or porcelain vases to serve as markers at the end of your seating rows. You may also cover the entire arch from top to bottom with flowers and greenery to stand under when you are saying, “I do.” Instead of having your bridesmaids wear a solid color, dress them in beautiful floral print dresses for the day. Consider hanging baskets of flowers from shepherd’s hooks to create the center aisle that you will walk down when getting married. The groom may even choose a beautiful floral tie for the big day. A horse-drawn carriage for the new couple is a stately finishing touch.

As for the wedding reception, think of some unique ways to incorporate flowers into the celebration space. Many cocktails lend themselves very well to being decorated with edible flowers. In addition to using traditional floral bouquets as table centerpieces, a blossom-covered chandelier is a real showstopper. Get creative in decorating the wedding party’s reception chairs with flowers and ribbons, tied from the sides or hanging down the back. You may want to serve a wedding cake decorated with real flowers or sugar flowers.

Black Tie Formal

An outdoor wedding can also be a black-tie-formal affair. You may want to set the tone by incorporating a hand-drawn landscape drawing of your wedding’s setting into the invitations.

Expect that your guests will wear tuxedos and ball gowns to your black-tie wedding. You should think about wearing a wedding gown with a long train that presents a regal appearance. A classic hairstyle is perfect for this outdoor wedding theme. The groom should definitely wear a tuxedo and a black tie for this monumental occasion. Large buildouts and customized draping allow you to create the elegant space of your dreams.

A minimalistic color scheme is perfect for the outdoor black-tie wedding reception. In fact, many couples choose to stick to black and white for their wedding colors. Consider using a champagne tower at your black-tie wedding reception. You can even decide to take it to the next level by decorating it with beautiful crystal garlands. This is the perfect time to invent a personalized cocktail that reflects something about you and the groom’s background or something that you enjoy doing together to serve to your guests. Many couples also choose to go with a formal multi-tiered black-and-white wedding cake. Consider the mood that you want to set during your wedding, then find professional entertainment for your black-tie event.

Upscale Rustic

Another theme that lends itself very well to outdoor weddings is upscale rustic. These farmhouse-style weddings often take items that you can find at thrift stores and use them in very imaginative ways. Outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles are the perfect place to host this fun, warm and trendy theme.

Begin setting the theme in the minds of your wedding guests by sending out brown paper invitations that are stamped with the information and tied with a pretty ribbon. You may also want to use calligraphy or create a decorative border for your invitations. Most brides choosing this theme choose a form-fitting wedding dress with a short train while grooms often choose to wear a suit and tie.

This theme is perfect for incorporating seasonal colors into your wedding venue. You may want to use pastel colors for a spring wedding or more earthy tones for a fall wedding. You can use these same colors in your bridal bouquet. Consider placing wooden crates or wheelbarrows filled with seasonal produce near your venue’s main entrance. Many couples choose to serve a farm-to-table menu at an upscale rustic wedding. Some brides and grooms choose to make their grand entrance on horseback!

Regardless of which theme you choose, remember that it is your special day. You have complete freedom to incorporate ideas into your wedding that will make it feel even more special for you and the groom. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but when you choose one of these themes, you’ll be well on your way to creating the wedding of your dreams. Enjoy the process as the months of planning will soon be over.